Past and present BBSA members have benefited from this organization's educational programs, professional events, and corporate networking opportunities. Many members and alumni are delighted to share their testimonials of gratitude.

Matthew Boykin

Junior, Management Information Systems

BBSA is an amazing organization to be a part of! Through BBSA I have made connections with great companies such as Accenture, KPMG, and IBM. I have also been able to network and form relationships with so many stellar people in McCombs. Coming in as a freshman, I received help with recruiting as well as degree and career planning. I’m so appreciative of the support I’ve received from my BBSA family! 


Jonathan Evans

Alumnus, MIS

If you’re looking for an organization that gives you the opportunity to develop your professional skills, learn about a wide variety of different industries, and meet some fantastic people, look no further than BBSA. BBSA not only gave me the tools I needed to hone my professional skills, but it also helped me find the career path that was right for me. Also, since BBSA is such an accepting and open organization, I was able to meet people from many different backgrounds and expand my horizons. Everyone in BBSA wants to see you succeed and they are willing to help in whatever way they can. It would take an entire essay to describe how BBSA has helped me get to where I am now, but I will just say that you won’t regret joining this organization!


Julieanne Akwari

Alumna, Finance

For me, BBSA was a liaison between what I learned in my classes and the qualities that my internships and eventually my full-time job were looking for. It was through the organization that I was able to learn and cultivate my soft skills, whether it was leading a group of executive board members, sending emails to our sponsors, or being able to strengthen my time management abilities. I can not imagine where I would be professionally if not for BBSA events such as the resume workshop, Spring Into Action, mock interviews, and the etiquette dinner. Looking back on it, BBSA helped establish a strong foundation for my career.


Kim Nwaneri

Sophomore, Supply Chain Management 

Joining BBSA has easily been one of the best decisions I’ve made during my time at UT. It’s led by great people, gives you an opportunity to work on your networking skills in a safe space, and there’s great food every week! BBSA has taught me not only about professional development but personal development as well. I look forward to continuing as a member and for the relationships, I will create!


Lauren Gilbert

Alumna, Business Honors/Supply Chain Management

BBSA was one of my favorite organizations that I was apart of during my time at UT. I served as both Administrative Director my sophomore year and Administrative Vice President my junior year. Both of these positions gave me valuable leadership and planning skills that I still use for my job today. My membership in BBSA also exposed me to numerous different opportunities, including being able to interface with recruiters. This knowledge made it easier when it was time for me to recruit for internships and full time positions. Most importantly, I feel like BBSA expanded my network and gave me a community within McCombs. I know I can still go to many of my fellow BBSA alums for career advice and I am always happy to serve as a resource for others as well.

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