Meet the Executive Board(2019-2020)

 Our officers are future business leaders on the rise!
Alani butler
Classification: Senior
Major: Marketing
Christina Ebaseh-Onofa
Executive Vice President
Classification: Junior
Major: BHP/ Supply Chain Management
Hephzibah Olajimi
​Administrative Vice President
Classification: Junior
Major: Finance
Charity Rose
Financial Director
Classification: Sophomore
Hometown: Round Rock, Texas
Major: Supply Chain Management
Jine Uzor
​Media Manager
Classification: Sophomore
Major: CBHP/ Management Information Systems
Jalen Archer
UBC Representative
Classification: Sophomore
Major: Marketing
Jonathan Bailey
Membership Director
Classification: Junior
Major: iMPA/ Accounting
Faith Ehioghae
Community Service Director
Classification: Junior
Major: Marketing​
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2013-2014 Officers
2010-2011 Officers

BBSA Executive Board 2020 - 2021

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2017-2018 Officers

President - Kastina Fishback Executive Vice President - Moriah Creswell Administrative Vice President - Taylor Jenkins Financial Director -  Myles Boone Membership Director - Jordan Guillory Public Relations Director - Aston Welch Administrative Director - Brianca Berry UBC Representative - Kiara Myers Media Manager - Jonathan Evans Community Service Director: Jamie Hawkins