The Black Business Student Association (BBSA) of The University of Texas at Austin is a professional organization established to serve African-Americans and business-minded students. The members of BBSA strongly adhere to the principles of achievement, unity, and service. BBSA aims to unite our members under the common goal of better serving the African-American community through corporate networking, mentorship, business-related functions, social events, and community service that equip its members with the necessary skills to succeed in the professional world and beyond.



As an organization, BBSA strives for and encourages excellence and professional growth among its members.
We aim to open up our members to mutually beneficial corporate relationships with the goal of enhancing the career opportunities while also enriching the diversity of our corporate sponsors by providing them with access to a rich talent pool of underrepresented students.
We are committed to initiating, developing, and maintaining contact amongst our members, faculty, administration, other McCombs organizations, fellow Black student organizations, and the general student body at The University of Texas at Austin.
We are devoted to developing and maintaining an Alumni network and reaching out to the larger community through service-oriented activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a business major or Black to join BBSA?

BBSA is open to all students at The University of Texas at Austin regardless of major or ethnicity. In fact, leadership positions within BBSA have been held by students who do not fit this description.

What are the benefits of being an official paid member of BBSA?

In addition to participating in all of BBSA’s events, paid members are given the opportunity to apply for leadership roles within BBSA, be featured in BBSA's annual resume book distributed to our corporate sponsors, and attend social events at a discounted price. Please refer to our membership page to review more benefits.

What can BBSA do for me?

 BBSA has provides its members with development and assistance both professionally and academically. We strive to help our members find internships and job opportunities, so our students can achieve their career goals. BBSA also provides a family atmosphere built on close relationships. BBSA can help you succeed professionally and also enrich your personal life.

How do I become an official member of the Black Business Student Association?

To become an official member of BBSA, you must pay membership dues and fill out a short information sheet. Membership dues can be paid in person to Charity Rose, the financial director, or via CashApp.

When and where are BBSA’s general meetings?

BBSA holds weekly general meetings on Wednesdays at 6 pm. Our meetings are held in different places throughout the school year, and specific room numbers are always announced in the weekly newsletter. Free food is provided at every meeting and all are welcome to attend. See our calendar for upcoming general meeting dates.

Where are the officer meetings held?

BBSA’s officer meetings are held in the Frito Lay Leadership Center located on the third floor of the business school (next to O’s Campus Café). Members interested in becoming officers are encouraged to attend an officer meeting before running. The Frito is open for studying, and computers are available for students in the McCombs School of Business.

If you have questions not covered above, please contact us at texasbbsa@gmail.com

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